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Forex Calculator For Free - How To Use It

Download My Forex Dashboard FX Calculator and Demo!

System Requirements:

Windows Operating System 7, Vista or XP

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet software 2007 or 2010

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Here is what you get:

Forex Position Assessment Tool

Evaluate your planned trade, from A to Z.

  • Enter your Forex trade setup parameters and validate whether it is under your risk policy.
  • Rapidly see your Forex risk and profit for your given stop and limit prices. See if your position size is appropriate.
  • Evaluate multiple scenarios and compare them. Then, choose the best alternatives to get in the market.

Forex Stop & Limit Calculator

Find the appropriate exit points for a given Risk and Lot Size.

  • Set your desired Lot size, risk policy vs your Forex account's equity and profit objective for your planned position.
  • Find the appropriate stop and limit prices for the entered trade setup. Check them vs the provided Pivot and Fibonacci Calculator.
  • Compare and analyze up to 4 additional trades, to decide what to execute.

Forex Lot Size Calculator

What is the right Lot Size for a given entry & stop prices, and a max risk loss?

  • Enter your planned Entry & Stop Prices, and Risk Policy. Use this Forex risk calculator to find answers.
  • You get the right Lot Size for the given risk, and will notice whether it is beyond your Risk Policy parameter.
  • It was never that easy to evaluate a trade before entering the Forex market.

Technicals: Forex Pivot Calculator and Fibonacci points

Find the most basic Forex indicators for your trades.

  • Looking for technical support to validate your trade? Here you have the answers.
  • Just type the Forex sessions' High, Low and Close Price, and get the Resistance and Support levels.
  • Find Forex Fibonacci Potential Retracement Levels by entering Session's High and Low price.

Monthly and Yearly projections

The right tool to visualize your Forex account performance.

  • See hypothetical Forex account's balance through time, in a comprehensive progress Forex spreadsheet.
  • Just enter your initial balance, average return, projected investements and withdrawals, and get your projected Forex equity curve.
  • Monthly and yearly projections available.

MyForexDashboard DEMO version

Take a test drive of MyForexDashboard Software!

  • With the download of MyForexDashboard Tools Software you will also get MyForexDashboard Demo Software. Try it and discover all the features that this cool Excel add-in offers, and why it could unleash your Forex potential.
  • When you decide to purchase MyForexDashboard Software, no additional downloads will be required. Just use the purchased Product License Number to unlock MyForexDashboard's full features and start using it to analyze your own Forex account.
  • Buy it to track your own trading performance, and get the most out of this Forex statement analyzer tool.

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